Andrew Crossland Blockchainpiper.com

Andrew Crossland is the owner of blockchainpiper.com.

He created this site to bring high quality articles to the crypto space. He hopes to try and make this complicated and rapidly growing topic more clear to everyone with an interest in digging deeper.

Andrew has been involved in blockchain and cryptocurrencies for several years.

Advocacy of blockchain as a world changing technology is his great passion; this is reflected his well-established cryptocurrency blog cryptocoindude.com.

If you like our site, please feel free to share the posts and help others get involved.

David Kariuki is a freelance tech journalist who is passionate and excited about tech issues that affect society on a day to day basis.

He has long term experience of tech and fintech writing and still writes widely about a variety of tech topics including blockchain, AI, OpenSim and virtual reality.

David is currently pursuing a MSc in Environmental Management at Open University.

You can contact him at eqariu@gmail.com.

Alan Daniel writes, reads and builds simultaneously and autonomously.

He has been involved in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space for a number of years.

As an American resident, he has a deep understanding of blockchain issues within his national borders.

Alan has a commitment to producing high quality, high impact work that engages his audience. He understands that retweets and likes are endorsements.

You can contact him at alandaniel010@yahoo.com